I turned 70 in July of 2009. My creativity was nurtured as I grew up in rural Minnesota taking care of the family’s cows, chickens, cats and dogs. My family’s garden was always an activity of great curiosity as was the hatching of baby chicks that seemed to suddenly appear from beneath some dense vegetative cover.

A reluctant hunter, I enjoyed fishing immensely. Lake fishing, river fishing, stream fishing were much favored summer and winter adventures. (It was more the adventure of discovering the natural terrain that held the most interest.) Particularly exciting were the summer trips to Canada and following my father and brother far into the wilderness, not only in search of some exciting trout fishing, but in the search of rocks and minerals, plants and flowers and animal tracks and habitats. My father would situate my brother and me up trees in ravines in hopes that deer, moose and small animals would pass by as he approached. The adventures and serenity of these portage trips formed heightened sense of observation. A true Cancerian, my creel not only carried gutted trout kept moist in wet fern fronds but bits of bark, new leaves, crystals and minerals. This visual and emotional journal continues to infuse my work in clay and painting.